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Azure has become the leading cloud platform for small and mid-sized businesses, and provides a framework to create unique IT solutions to help you complete daily operations and mobilize your business. We assist you increase business flexibility, control, and scalability with a wide range of pay-as-you-go services with Microsoft Azure.

Get deep Microsoft expertise for cloud migration, application modernization, and cloud-native applications.  Accelerate your value creation with business intelligence, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

More and more businesses are turning to the cloud for innovative IT solutions that deliver better performance while reducing costs. But it can be hard to know how to get started with the cloud when there are so many different options out there – everything from file storage to web hosting to virtualized versions of servers and desktops.

Our Azure experts help you leverage Azure as a Platform to build powerful business solutions. Right from initial assessment and planning to Azure deployment, at Logic Overdrive, we help you with all your Microsoft Azure requirements, and enable our clients to meet a variety of business and technical requirements, which results in successful implementation.

Our teams build long-term technology roadmaps and offer high-end consulting to implement your cloud architecture through modern technology solutions using Azure PaaS, mobile, analytics and IoT. We enable you to meet all your digital transformation needs with Azure cloud and modern computing cloud solutions.

Azure Infrastructure Management
We help enterprise organizations of all sizes to rehost, rearchitect, and optimize applications for Azure.

Our team assist in;

  • Migrate and manage servers in the cloud with Azure Virtual Machines
  • Rearchitect applications as microservices to take advantage of Azure’s container services, including Azure Kubernetes Service
  • Take advantage of Azure Functions for low-cost serverless execution
  • Provide compute and storage self-provisioning for fast deployment of Azure resources with pre-approved templates
  • Implement availability and performance monitoring via Azure Monitor to maximize application uptime and responsiveness
  • Proactively respond to and resolve performance and availability Alerts.

Azure Cost Management
Our Cloud Cost Management service helps organizations to minimize cloud spending through cost attribution accounting, the reduction of resource over- and under-utilization, and the development of resource allocation plans that ensure applications get the resources they need without overspending.
Our team assist in cost reduction by;

  • Implementing monitoring and reporting to give businesses insight into how their cloud budget is being spent.
  • Designing and implementing cloud cost-management processes.
  • Ensuring cloud resources and budgets are allocated efficiently.
  • Identifying areas of over and under-utilization within Azure cloud infrastructure.
  • Enacting cost-effective cloud management strategies.
  • Aligning cloud spending with the resource requirements of applications to maximize cloud performance while minimizing cloud spending.

Azure Security Consulting
We provide Azure security monitoring and management services that bring best-practice authentication, security policy management, and threat remediation to applications hosted on Azure. We help enterprise organizations to effectively leverage Azure services to protect infrastructure from the risk of data theft, malware, and other attacks.

Our Azure Managed Security Services include:

  • The development, implementation, and management of unified security policies for large-scale infrastructure deployments via Azure Policy and Security Center.
  • Continuous security monitoring, including DDoS attack monitoring, with quarterly vulnerability assessments to identify security and compliance risks.
  • The design and implementation of security monitoring strategies with actionable and relevant Alerts via Azure Monitor.
  • Pro-active patching to mitigate the risk of exploitable software vulnerabilities.
  • Anti-virus and anti-malware updates for enhanced detection of viruses, ransomware, and other malicious software.

Azure based DRaaS
We assist in planning and implementing disaster recovery, business continuity, and backup strategies for Azure. We leverage Azure’s geographically diverse cloud infrastructure to keep applications available and data safe during disruptions due to natural disasters, security incidents, and human error.

Business Continuity Management from Logic Overdrive is a complete Azure disaster recovery planning and implementation solution that includes:

  • Azure backup and disaster recovery infrastructure management.
  • Business continuity planning, monitoring, and implementation.
  • Disaster recovery optimization to meet Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO).
  • Secure offsite backups with data redundancy.
  • Infrastructure analysis to identify weaknesses in disaster recovery strategies and enhance infrastructure resilience.

Our evolving SRE engagement model

Build, Test, Deploy, Monitor & Managed Support on Azure

1. Build
We setup all the automation to control the standing up and of your VPCs, VPNs, monitoring stacks, and Kubernetes clusters using automated tools

2. Test
Once changes are detected in your application’s version control, continuous integration will run the build process which creates a Docker image and ships it to your Docker registry. Additionally, for quality assurance purposes a user acceptance testing environment creates a version of the application in your cluster. Regressions are captured in the pipeline and stopped at the door prior to getting to production.

3. Deploy
Once tests pass and the team is satisfied, the workflow will update the application running in higher environments.

4. Monitor
Once your application has been deployed, you can then proactively monitor your infrastructure to instantly detect issues with your deployments and alert the team. Logs are aggregated, shipped, and backed up automatically.

5. Managed Support
If issues arise from failed deployments, server outages, transaction locks in your database causing 500s, scalability concerns causing application reaping, our 24×7 Azure Managed support team can handle incident management for your infrastructure. We also proactively maintain your infrastructure by handling security and patch management, health checks of your infrastructure, service upgrades, monitoring and backups.