Managed AWS Cloud

Your cloud journey doesn’t end at migration. Operational excellence in the cloud requires new skills, tooling and thinking. Gain 24×7 access to a dedicated team of engineers to guide you as you navigate the cloud.

Getting the Metrics and Measurement right…

Successfully migrating to Amazon Web Services (AWS) is not the final step in your cloud journey; it is only the first of many, from establishing operations in AWS, right-sizing workloads and costs, implementing security, governance, user support, and more. This journey requires the right people, processes, and time.

Our Managed AWS Cloud Services can help you eliminate complexities so you can unlock the power of AWS, focus on innovating and equip you with technical resources and expertise for 24×7 support, workload right-sizing, cost consumption analysis and data analytics. Our services remove the challenges of on-going management, maintenance, and monitoring so your IT team can focus on innovation and you can reallocate IT spend to other strategic IT initiatives.

Our Managed AWS Cloud Services Approach
As a qualified member of the AWS Partner Network, Logic Overdrive is able to manage operations for your AWS environment. Our approach to Managed AWS Cloud services helps organizations increase operational efficiencies and reduce risk. Logic Overdrive manages the day to day operations of your AWS infrastructure through 24×7 monitoring and a dedicated team that is there to respond to any event.

While Logic Overdrive becomes responsible for your AWS infrastructure operations, you retain control to build and run your applications, and focus on innovation. With our Managed AWS Cloud Services you get everything you need: Change Management, Incident Management, Provisioning Management, Patch Management, Access Management, Continuity Management, and reporting.

Our comprehensive Managed AWS Services can help you quickly plan, build, manage, and run applications in AWS. Our certified AWS professionals are dedicated to monitoring and optimizing the performance of your AWS Cloud, and if any issues arise they are there to respond and remediate 24×7.

Our Managed AWS Cloud Services includes:

  • 24×7 AWS Cloud Monitoring & Management
  • AWS Cloud Right-Sizing & Cost Optimization
  • Application Management – 24×7 Monitoring, Alerting, Remediation
  • Incident Management (Tier 1-3 support)
  • Dedicated Phone Support
  • Patch Management
  • Managed Backups (and testing)
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Problem Management
  • Administration
  • Subscription Management
  • Service Level Reporting
  • Architecture Oversight
  • 24/7 global support team
  • Comprehensive Cloud Management Platform
  • Guaranteed SLAs & rapid response
  • Cloud training & process implementation
  • Dedicated PM, regular reviews & long-range planning
  • Secure & compliant systems (PCI/HIPAA/SOC)
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)
  • Clear insight into what you’re paying for
  • Network Monitoring
  • Device Monitoring
  • ITIL management processes and governanc
  • AWS Best Practices and Recommendations